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One-time fee for domain license key and for the current, fully functional version of the software. Version 1.1.6.




For unlimited software version updates. Cancel anytime.

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Here is what you get:

After purchase, you can download the Foxy Effex plugin as a ZIP file. Upload and install it onto your WordPress system. Then enter your domain license key into the Foxy Effex settings in your WordPress admin area. Full instructions are given after purchase.

(*) Note that you are not buying the intellectual property rights to the software, nor will you acquire ownership of the software from a copyright perspective. As with most proprietary software sold today, you are only buying a license to use the software.

(**) To cancel subscription, log into your customer account, then click “Subscriptions”, then click the desired subscription, then cancel the subscription.

(***) Every new version of Foxy Effex is delivered to you via the standard plugin update mechanism on your WordPress system. Updates can be either manual or automatic. Full instructions are given after purchase.