Foxy Effex

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On this page, you will see some example designs that demonstrate the features and capabilities of the 3D Background Widget from Foxy Effex, a premium WordPress plugin that works with Elementor.

Design Note

The following design was made to resemble a city landscape of skyscrapers with the sun and blue sky in the background. The sun and blue sky was achieved using a radial background gradient in the outer Elementor section, while the skyscrapers were specified as landscape particles in the 3D Background Widget.

Design Note

The following design shows floating icosahedron particles with an equirectangular environment JPEG image of a roof garden in the background. Equirectangular images are specially warped images that no longer appear warped when they are mapped to the interior surface of a giant sphere with a 3D camera located at the center of the sphere. What the camera sees is what you see in the final output. Equirectangular images are available and searchable on the Internet as both free and premium. They are also called 360 degree images. This equirectangular image came from the asset library that you can download after you register for Foxy Effex.