Foxy Effex


On this page, you will see some example designs that demonstrate the features and capabilities of the Menu Widget from Foxy Effex, a premium WordPress plugin that works with Elementor.

Hover your mouse over some of these menus to see some visual effects.

Design Note

In the following two menu designs, the same menu is shown in desktop screen size and in tablet/mobile screen size. In the first design, which simulates desktop screen size, you should see five buttons labeled “HOME”, “SERVICES”, “PORTFOLIO”, “LOCATIONS”, and “CONTACT” (assuming your browser window is currently very wide). In the second design, which simulates tablet/mobile screen size, those five buttons are hidden, and instead, a mobile button with the Bars icon is shown. If the mobile button is clicked or touched, a slider submenu appears from the left side of the page.

Design Note

In the following menu design, the “SERVICES” and “PORTFOLIO” buttons show submenus when you hover your mouse over the buttons. The content and design of the submenus are specified by Elementor Section Templates, which are like mini web pages that you can create and design using the Elementor editor. Elementor Section Templates may contain one or more Elementor sections with columns and widgets that you design. Such widgets may include just about any Elementor widget or Foxy Effex widget. The blue stripe patterns shown in the submenus were created using Particle Pattern Widgets inside the Elementor Section Templates.

Design Note

In the following menu design, the irregular rectangle shapes of the brown area behind the menu buttons and of the blue submenus are provided by separate Particle Pattern Widgets. The Particle Pattern Widget allows you to specify the four corners (called vertices) of the border shape that confines the background of a given Elementor section or column that is covered by the widget. To use this feature, the “Border” setting must be enabled on the Particle Pattern Widget. The Elementor Section Template of the submenu contains a Particle Pattern Widget that controls the irregular rectangle shape (and blue gradient background) of the main section background inside the Elementor Section Template. The irregular quadrilateral shape of the green menu buttons (visible on mouse hover) were specified by the Menu Widget, with the “Button Shape” setting set to “Quadrilateral”.